Is a space to learn skin truths and unlearn false notions of beauty.


Is dedicated to one brand - the individual; and helping them feel comfortable in their own skin.


Builds on beauty EQ by encouraging a positive perception of appearance and unique skin type.


Builds on beauty IQ by focusing on the science behind skin care.

Always seeking to EMPOWER and never to influence, we recognise the customer as an intelligent decision maker with a distinct set of needs and choices. Our aim is to educate and share knowledge so that our customers can make informed decisions about the skin care choices available to them.

Our founder started off in the industry in 1988 working with salons, training therapists on the use of French skincare treatments. In 2010 she formed her own company to introduce Bernard Cassière to salons and spas in Sri Lanka. Working with salons & training therapists still remains our core business. Ten years down the line we have identified some gaps in the market which, in an effort to fill gave birth to BEAUTIEQ. And the rest is yet to unfold….

Launched in 2000, Bernard Cassière develops salon/spa treatments and home care with a focus on visible results and invoking your senses. The strength of the brand lies in its ownership and control of the entire supply chain enabling 100% traceability. From design in their Research & Development laboratory, through manufacturing in their production unit, to delivery; it all happens in a green setting in the middle of Corrèze.

Bernard Cassière formulas are the fruit of lengthy research on ingredients, textures and fragrances and thinking outside the box in an effort to delight the end user. To this end, they find inspiration in nature. All treatments and home care are designed respecting formulation standards, compatibility with the skin and also pleasure.

Bernard Cassière’s Formulation Charter is the result of the European Cosmetic Regulation standards combined with their own high standards in terms of design and formulation.
  • In a commitment to transparency, the percentage of “naturally derived” (chemically processed/modified/extracted in the lab) ingredients is displayed on product packaging.
  • 100% of outer boxes come from sustainably managed forests.
  • Outer boxes are mostly digitally printed – using green inks that are compostable, only recycled waste and consumables in their manufacturing, zero waste of cardboard and ink, zero water consumption, and zero production tools (unlike in offset printing).
  • Rationalizing the number of references in order to find the right balance between offering enough to meet different consumer needs while limiting their impact on the planet and the consumption of its resources; minimising packaging size; weight; and prioritising recyclable packaging.
  • Eco refills wherever possible, on new product launches in an effort to be a part of the circular economy.
“We question ourselves every day and instead of pretending to be perfect we prefer to be part of an improvement process.” – BCParis