Yuzu Perfect Glow Care Treatment

Boost cell renewal, revealing a more youthful complexion, treat and prevent hyper pigmentation and stimulate collagen production with super antioxidants Yuzu, White Tea, 25% AHA and Vitamin C.

Skin with hyperpigmentation from sun exposure/age spots /acne scarring and general dullness of complexion.

Not suitable for hypersensitive skin.

1 Hour 15 Mins

  • Prevent and treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Brighten and unify the complexion

« flash » effect is instantly visible after one treatment, thanks to the super-peeling containing 25% AHA;

This efficiency is reinforced with the yuzu home care ritual – you will see further improvement in one week of using the toner, serum, and/or cream.


Only one cabin treatment to improve skin complexion and aspect, and visibly reduce dark spots:
– Radiance of the complexion: +28%*
– Dark spots: -9%*
– Pigmentation spots: -20%**

Treatment efficiency is enhanced with the use of the complete Yuzu perfect skin ritual at home, one week after the cabin treatment :
– Radiance of the complexion: +46%*
– Dark spots: -21%*
– Spots pigmentation: -29%**

*Clinical scoring or **instrumental measurement on 22 models, 24h
after a Yuzu perfect glow care with and without home care products.


  • Yuzu daily glow new skin lotion
  • Yuzu correcting serum for skin radiance
  • Yuzu new skin smoothing cream